NSG2NCI Nursing Patients With Chronic Illness


Tuominen, Stolt and Salminen (2014) claimed there is enormous benefit and value in using social media to teach student nurses.
Paraphrase using a parenthetical citation where authors are in brackets at the end of the sentence.
There is enormous benefit and value in using social media to teach student nurses (Tuominen, Stolt, & Salminen, 2014)
Note: Paraphrases do not include page numbers and only include the author’s surname. Also note that when the authors are part of the sentence the full “and” is used and when they are in brackets the abbreviation “&” is used.
Part 1: Paraphrasing and In-text referencing
1.Write a paraphrase for the following text using a signal phrase where the authors are part of the sentence.
• Authors: Mary Ann Tanay, Theresa Wiseman, Julia Roberts, and Emma Ream
Journal article title: A time to weep and a time to laugh: Humour in the Nurse-Patient Relationship in an Adult Cancer Setting
Journal: Supportive Care in Cancer

Publication date: 2014
Original Text: “The study revealed that nurses and patients in an adult cancer ward perceived the benefits of humour in terms of fostering the nurse-patient relationship. Participants did not, however, isolate humour as the only component of the nurse-patient relationship. This suggests that humour can be used as one of many communication tools to facilitate therapeutic nurse-patient relationships.”

2. Write a paraphrase for the following text using a parenthetical citation format where the author is in the brackets at the end of the sentence.
Author: Brian Engard
Source: Rivier University webpage: 17 Therapeutic Communication Techniques
Publication date: 2017
Original Text: “At times, it’s useful to not speak at all. Deliberate silence can give both nurses and patients an opportunity to think through and process what comes next in the conversation. It may give patients the time and space they need to broach a new topic. Nurses should always let patients break the silence.”

3. Write a paraphrase for the following text where the author is again part of the sentence.
• Author: Theresa Raphael-Grimm
E-Book title: The Art of Communication in Nursing and Healthcare: an Interdisciplinary Approach.
Publication date: 2015
Original text: “Listening is facilitated when clinicians sit down at eye level with patients, maintain appropriate eye contact (sensitive to cultural variations) and assume an unhurried demeanour.”
Part 2: End-text referencing
1. Write the end-text references for the above three sources in APA (6th edition) referencing format and put them in an end-text reference list below. You will need to find the sources using the library systems as you have not been given all of the information needed to complete the references. You will also need to adjust formatting of the information given to APA style.
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