NSB236 : Integrated Nursing Practice 3


Traumatic Brain Injury

James “Jimmy” Parsons is a 26 year old flight engineer who was admitted postoperatively to the High Dependency Unit approximately 46 hours ago. He was out with friends on Saturday night when he was involved in an altercation out the front of
a bar with another group of males who had been making lude remarks about female acquaintances of Mr Parsons. During this altercation, it is alleged that one of the individuals punched Mr Parsons in the face, and as a result he lost consciousness,
fell, and hit the back of his head on the pavement.

On arrival to the Emergency Department he underwent an urgent CT brain scan which revealed a sub-dural hemorrhage with 1cm mid-line shift and petechial hemorrhages, which was drained intra-operatively. A Codman’s intracranial pressure monitoring device was placed in order to monitor ICP levels post operatively. Mr Parson’s blood alcohol levels were noted to be elevated on
assessment at the ED and his blood toxicology screen was negative for illicit substances. Over the immediate post-operative period he has been deemed to be stable and he has been extubated approximately 6 hours ago and is currently on Hiflow Nasal Prongs (HFNP).
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