NSB204 Mental Health: Self And Others


Using the MSE format from your weekly tutorial guide, provide a complete Mental Status Examination (MSE) of the person.
Use specific examples from the case study materials to illustrate each part of the MSE. 
You must use health terms accurately (e.g. Instead of ‘talks fast’, use the correct term ‘pressure of speech’ and cite your sources).
Use information gathered from the MSE and the biopsychosocial assessment (history of presenting complaint, family and social history, current living situation, the person’s strengths and coping strategies, medical history) to complete a table under the headings of presenting, precipitating, predisposing, perpetuating and protective factors (5Ps) relevant to the clinical presentation of the person described in your case study.
Identify two (2) high priority problems /issues for the person and briefly justify why each is a high priority. 
Outline one (1) nursing intervention for each of the identified problems /issues and briefly explain how each is likely to positively contribute to care of the person with reference to relevant literature. Interventions must be nursing related, detailed, practical and within your scope of practice.
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