NSB026 Nursing Practice Capstone


Relevance Of Case

  • Why is this case important? What are the reasons for choosing this case? Why would graduate RNs be interested in reading about this?

Case Presentation – Nursing Assessment

  • Provide a comprehensive case description including the salient patient history, physical assessment data and any relevant investigations using an appropriate assessment framework.
  • Make sure your nursing assessment is person-centred.   
  • Be as descriptive as possible and use data from a range of sources if possible (e.g., handover reports, patient history, physical assessment, patient charts, results of investigations, nursing/medical assessments previously undertaken).
  • Remember you must maintain patient anonymity and confidentiality.

This section relates to “Collect cues/information” from the Clinical Reasoning Cycle (CRC).

Process the information (from CRC) (this is a process you will engage in but do not write on your abstract)

Clinical Priorities – Patient Problems

  • Identify the clinical priorities in the management of this patient. The clinical priorities are the most important or pressing patient problems or issues based on the assessment data collected.

Identify problems/issues (from CRC)


  • Describe the patient goals and desired outcomes.

Establish goals (from CRC)


  • Describe all the actual nursing and/or collaborative interventions performed to manage the clinical priorities.
  • Only include interventions or actions here (not assessment or evaluation).
  • Remember to keep a nursing focus: Make sure you clearly identify all the nursing management and highlight the nursing care that was provided alongside any medical interventions.

Take action (from CRC)


Describe the evaluation data for these interventions. This is the actual patient assessment data you used to evaluate if each intervention was effective.

Reflective Points

Outline the key learning points and areas for further investigation arising from this case study for you (writing in first person is acceptable in this section).You should identify some key reflective questions about your case study that you want to examine in the next assessment items.
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