NRSG370 Clinical Integration: Specialty Practice 2


The Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Student are expected to use the Clinical Reasoning Cycle (Levett-Jones, 2018) as a framework to plan and evaluate person-centred care. You are being asked to think through the case scenario and then discuss how data was collected and the type of data collected, identify problems and nursing issues, identify and state the objectives and discuss how care was provided in order to address the issues and evaluate the interventions carried out: (analyse and identify a nursing issues/problems/needs, set objectives, discuss the nursing interventions and evaluate the interventions of care carried out)

This assignment follows clinical reasoning cycle based on case study. need to identify 3 nursing issues related to case scenario and follow instruction accordingly. references 15 atleast (the references cited are contemporary (i.e. not more than 7 years) word count no more than 1800 and less than 1700 As i went through case study, 3 nursing priorities would be; 1.pain ( 7/10 related to post operation) 2. Infection (septicaemia) post operative wound temp 38.5, drop in BP 3. extended abdomen please follow clinical reasoning cycle and citation appropriately.

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