NRSG370 Clinical Integration


Online module tasks are designed to enable students to demonstrate understanding of the specialty practice environment in terms of roles and responsibilities, rights, communication processes and the meaning of illness for patients. The modules include the critical analysis of an issue of safety, confidentiality and a reflection on personal perceptions and meanings of health, illness, dying and death to consolidate learning about the specialty practice environment.
Distinguish the roles and responsibilities of a nurse in the selected specialty practice area.
There may be specific legal obligations associated with your specialty area of practice.
Talk to experienced nursing staff, lecturers or tutors about legal obligations specifically related to your chosen specialty. It may not necessarily be mandatory reporting issues, but be related to other issues. Areas to explore may be confidentiality issues when a person is cognitively impaired or underage, has a positive HIV status and is sexually active, and so on. For this section you can think outside the square about legalities of what nurses can and cannot do.
Identify one aspect of your legal obligations related to your specialty and write a short paragraph on how you would ensure you honour your legal obligations while working in this area.
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