NRSG367 Transition To Professional Nursing


You are required to attend an interview when applying for a New Graduate Program or a Registered Nurse Position. As part of the interview process you will be required to reflect on past nursing clinical experiences when answering interview questions.

Selecting two of the NSQHS standards please respond to the following question:

Please explain to the panel your understanding of two of the NSQHS standards and discuss relevant clinical nursing experiences from your clinical practicum, providing justification for each based on these patient care experiences.

1. ClinicalGovernance
2. PartneringwithConsumers
3. PreventingandControllingHealth-AssociatedInfection
4. MedicationSafetyStandard
5. ComprehensiveCareStandard
6. CommunicatingforPatientSafety
7. BloodManagementStandard
8. RecognisingandRespondingtoAcuteDeteriorationStandard
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