NRSG355 Clinical Integration: Towards Professional Practice


On returning from your tea break you are met by several staff members who relate the following information to you concerning your patients.

  1. Mrs. Chew’s intravenous (IV) infusion has tissued, her IV fluids are running behind and she has missed her 14.00 hrs. IV antibiotic.
  1. Mr. Smith’s visitor hasfainted.

iii. One of the staff toilets has blocked and is overflowing and waste is pouring out rapidly.

  1. Mr. Esposito is scheduled to leave the ward now for his cardiac catheterisation and he has still not received his preoperativemedication.
  1. One of the surgical consultants (VMO) is waiting to discuss a medication error that happened last week.
  1. As you are taking this handover, an elderly female post-operative patient collapses to the floor and is unconscious. She has had facialsurgery.

The other RN is busy with NUM role. Staff currently available on the ward to assist you in addressing these issues include: the ward clerk, an Enrolled Nurse who is currently undertaking her IV cannulation certificate but is not yet competent, and an AIN.


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