NRSG267 Integrating Practice



Workshop class was held with a case scenario where there was an old lady with COPD and she has caught infection whilst in the hospital which made her to stay longer in the hospital. She was very concerned about her infection and would not let anyone touch her. We had to take vital observation from this patient which was challenging as she would not let anyone near her. There was one student nurse trying to approach the lady under the supervision of two tutors and 7 students in the front row which were supposed to take turns to approach her and try and convince to get vital observations. The students asked for permission from patient, applied hand hygiene and explained what they were going to do, before the procedure. They used good communication skills, maintained dignity throughout the procedure and were successfully able to note the vital signs from the patient.

So this happened in the class. Need to write the refelction on this and please make sure you add following things and must add intext citation after 100 words. Please check the grammer. 


  • Reflect upon your learnings, understanding and the simulation sessions, to develop a reflection that demonstrates understanding of the importance of resilience in health care.
  • Demonstration of analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information that contributes to clinical practice.
  • Using Gibbs Reflective Cycle, the Student demonstrates critical links between patient behaviour and the delivery of quality and safe nursing care.
  • Sentence and paragraph structure and intelligibility.
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