NRSG258 Acute Care Nursing


Priority health problem – Impaired safety: Falls risk related to impaired homeostasis

Using current and relevant evidence, write an academic essay to discuss the research related to the following points: 

1.From Anna and George’s case study, identify all assessment data relevant to the chosen problem and interpret these in relation to underlying pathophysiology. Highlight the developmental similarities and differences in the signs and symptoms expressed by the cases. 

2.Define what the goal for care related to the chosen problem would be (use the SMART framework to write the goal) 

3.Choose TWO interventions (one must be a nurse initiated intervention) to address the goal for care and justify your choice by critically analysing the current evidence. Compare and contrast the interventions in relation to how implementation of the intervention would be modified to meet the unique needs of each case considering developmental differences. 

4.Note: if you choose a collaborative intervention you must discuss the nurses’ role in this. 

5.Discuss how the implemented care would be evaluated for each case, physical changes that would indicate the intervention has been effective, and how subsequent assessment would be modified to ensure accurate data is collected and individual needs are met. 

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