NRSG210 Mental Health Nursing


Case presentation 

Provide a narrative description of the case study patient and their family using the information given in all of the case notes you have for the patient. Give information about the patient’s/family’s presentation pre-, peri-, and post- hospitalisation.

Marking rubric: Provides a clear and thorough summary of the patient’s / family’s background and presentation with information about the patient’s/family’s presentation pre-, peri-, and post-hospitalisation to provide context to the case report 


Explain the behavioural and psychological responses identified in the patient/family to their illness in relation to the literature presented in your introduction and literature review section. Use evidence to support the key issues you identified in your literature review. In order to do this effectively, you will need to critically analyse and evaluate your literature, the concepts discussed in the unit, and compare and contrast these to your patient/family. Also, consider external (e.g., social and physical environmental) factors – NOT just the internal causes such as the illness, biology, or personality etc. In this section, also discuss how the nursing/paramedic care management issues contributed to the patient/family’s behavioural and psychological responses and how they affect the patient’s outcome.

Marking rubric: Explains all of the major behavioural and psychological responses to having the illness presented in the case study by critically analysing, applying, comparing, and contrasting these with the relevant research literature and unit content. Information and evidence selected for inclusion clearly links with the case patient/family presentation.

Information and evidence presented is effectively synthesised so that the reader is clear how the nursing/paramedic care management issues seen in the case study contributed to the patient’s poor outcomes 

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