NRSG140 Integrating Nursing


Task 2: Professional Portfolio Requires you to submit the National Standard Medication Chart (NSMC) certificate, and complete reflection.
National Standard Medication Chart (NSMC) Certificate., and a reflection 


The purpose of this assessment is to help prepare professional documentation for employment and other purposes and to build on reflective writing skills. 


The Registered Nurse Standards “thinks critically and analyse nursing practice” (Standard One) 
Assessment Task 2 requires you to develop a beginning professional portfolio using Mahara which will include the following: 
Part A : Certificate of completion National Standard Medication Chart (NSMC) Curose
Part B: Reflection using Gibb’s Reflection Cycle: 

Select one of the new skills accomplished during one of your practical classes in NRSG140.
Using Gibb’s Cycle of Reflection as a structural framework, 
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