NRSG10039 Rnfa Theory


For this assignment, you have the opportunity to explore what currently governs. your practice as a Registered Nurse within your hospital and/or province, This will include (but may also include others), provincial I   Isla ian professional association practice guidelinesr and facility policies and procedures,

  1. This will give you the opportunity to understand what you are able to do as an RNFA.You will need to review existing guidelines for RNFA practice.
  1. Reflect on this information and consider current existing or potential implications for practice as an RNFA
  2. You will then need to identify what policies and procedures and/or medical directive wou’d be required in order for an RNFA to practice in your inStitutiOn.
  3. Obtain a copy of your provincial Nurse and Medical Practice Acts and other relevant documents pertaining to the governance of health professionals in your province.
  4. Analyze the information to determine the direction provided by these documents on your scope of practice as an R.NFA.
  1. Review the policies and procedures and/or medical directives that your institution has developed for perioperative nursing practice.  Are there any revisions and/or additional policies and procedures that would need to be developed for RNFA practice?
  2. Next, you will need to determine the steps involved to implement and obtain approval for an RNFA role at your institution.
  3. Reflect upon and identify any ethical issues that may arise when determining the steps and implementing approval for ark RNFA at your institution.

Your paper should describe and analyze the information you gathered.

Describe how the policies and procedures you recommend be adapted or developed to direct RNFA practice at your institution.

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