NRSG 257 Physical Development


Cognitive development can impact and determine a child’s level of understanding. This was important when we developed the hand puppet role play, aimed at home and electrical safety.

Using Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, a 3-5 year old fits into the 2nd period: Preoperational thought for 2–7 year olds (Crisp, Douglas, Rebeiro, & Waters, 2017).

During this period of cognitive development, children begin learning to think with the use of such objects as symbols and images (Crisp, Douglas, Rebeiro, & Waters, 2017). Children are also only able to reason when connections can be made to concrete objects.  Their language and level of communication begins to slowly develop, being able to complete small sentences. These young children also begin to learn cause and effect. Therefore, if I complete and action, there will be a consequence related to that (Burns, et al., 2017).

That is why we believe that using hand puppets to educate 3- 5 year old on safety is beneficial and in keeping with their cognitive development stage. The hand puppets and images we used are concrete objects that the child will be able to identify and will be able to connect these images with what was spoken about in the role play. Cause and effect was used in the role play when Captain Zap explained to the child that if they were to touch electrical cords or power points, this may lead to burns, hospitalisation and stopping of play. Therefore, the child can connect a consequence to this action, which may cause them pain.

I will now hand over to Marnie, to speak about psychosocial development.

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