NRSG 210 Mental Health Nursing


A lack of help seeking for emotional problems can lead to suicide. Regrettably health care professionals and parents may fail to recognise these problems.
o Identify the risk factors for suicidal ideation amongst adolescents;
o Define ‘help seeking behaviours’;
o Find and describe two Australian school based suicide prevention programs.

2. Explore the role of physical activity, symptoms and quality of life for people diagnosed with a serious mental illness.
3. Provide examples of how nurses implement best practice for Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander women who experience mental health issues, as outlined in the NMBA Code of conduct for nurses’, Principle 3 : cultural practice and respectful relationships, 3.3 Effective communication.  Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (2018) Code of conduct for nurses.
4. Consider the Transtheoretical Model of Change or Stages of Change (Prochaska & Velicer, 1997) as it relates to the woman’s process of making changes in her life in relation to DFV. Discuss the implications for nursing practice in mental health services.
5. Give an overview of some key intervention elements from trauma?informed approaches used by mental health nurses working in inpatient services.
6. Restrictive practices are used in response to conflict and aggression in psychiatric inpatient settings. International and national policy initiatives focus on reducing and eliminating the use of these practices.  
o Provide an overview of the Safewards model and the set of 10 interventions designed to reduce conflict and containment in inpatient services. Include an analysis of the impact of implementing Safewards in Australia.
7. Discuss the issue of self stigma as a barrier to personal recovery for the person who experiences serious mental health issues. Provide examples of how nurses can work with the person who experiences serious mental illness to overcome this barrier to personal recovery.
8. Provide an overview of the Hearing Voices movement and community in Australia. Consider how mental health nurses can be more inclusive and enter into a meaningful collaboration with people with the lived experience of hearing voices.
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