NRS71001 Nursing And Lifespan Health


Jane (34) and Michael (35) Cameron are the parents of 3 children; Nathan (14), Millie (5) and Melanie (18 months). Jane and Michael married when they were 19 years old after being high school sweethearts since age 14. They live with Jane’s mother Joanie to conserve their finances and help Joanie out as she is now alone since the passing of her husband Mark from an accident when Jane was 15 years old.
Nathan was born 12 months after Jane and Michael married. The marriage settled into a routine and was going well. Michael works at the local supermarket as Manager, where he has been since leaving school and had worked his way up the ranks. Jane worked in a pharmacy until 2 months before having Nathan. Jane was able to return to work part-time after Nathan was 12 months old, with the support of her mother Joanie and day care.
Michael and Jane found they lost their date nights, spare income and sleep after the birth of Nathan. Initially they found finances tight when they received only one income, but they were trying hard to save for their own home. They describe their communication as reasonably good due to “growing up together” and “knowing each other very well”. They feel that they are able to resolve conflicts quickly through talking out their issues.
After a discussion with their families, the Cameron’s decided to move to a regional country town to seek a better quality of life. Jane and Michael stated this was for financial and social reasons. Nathan is in his 2nd year of high school and unhappy about the move and does not cope well with change. Millie will be starting school in the next few months. Michael was able to transfer his job due to a vacant position, and Jane was hoping to pick up work as soon as they all settled into their new place. The extended family thought them brave as they didn’t know anyone in the region. Some family members expressed how they would be missed, as the extended family often met for gatherings and the cousins had become close friends.
Since relocating, the family have quickly established new social groups and are assimilating into the community well. Michael and Nathan have joined the local football club. Millie has started ballet classes. Jane attends the preschool with Melanie to gain new friendships too. Friday nights are for a family social outing, and this includes attending Michael’s football club for dinner and raffles. All the family look forward to and enjoy this opportunity to mix with other members of the community.
Jane’s parents were married 23 years when her father (Mark) was killed (48). Joanie, now (63) has never re-partnered. They raised four children, Ronnie (40), Mark (38) Elizabeth (36) and Jane (34). Ronnie is married to Robyn (35) and have 3 children, the older two are boys NRS71001 Case Study- Cameron Family named Thomas (14) and Michael (9), and the youngest is a daughter, Bella (6). Mark is single, living in the UK. Elizabeth’s partner is Joseph (40) they have one child Matilda (8). Joanie has a long-established anxiety and depressive disorder, and gives advice constantly to Robyn on how to manage Ronnie and the kids. This makes Joanie and Robyn’s relationship very fractious and tense, with Robyn tending to avoid her and let Ronnie interact with his mother.
Michael’s parents James (78) and Margaret (73), have been married 50 years. Their first child John, died aged 3 after contracting whooping cough. Margaret then had 4 miscarriages before Michael’s healthy birth. Michael is an only child. Both parents are fit and healthy, and are active members of their community. They miss Michael, Jane and their grandchildren but have a two-week holiday planned to visit them in a months’ time. All family members are excited and counting the days.
Millie (5) is looking forward to her grandparents coming, and has missed all her extended family. Millie is very excited about starting big school. Millie finds Melanie (18 months) annoying as she can’t play proper games such as skipping or sorting through her Frozen card collection and she gets into all her stuff. Millie wants to be grown up like her brother Nathan and have sleep overs. Millie’s parents Jane and Michael told her when she is at big school she will be able to have sleep overs as well. She hates her 7pm bedtime and wants to be able to stay up with Nathan until 9:30pm. Millie also likes to play on her iPad but her parents only allow 2 hours per day. All in all Millie is a happy 5-year-old.
Nathan (14) is juggling wanting to be a seen as his own person and still being with the family on outings. He wants to make his own decisions (friends, clothes and activities, bedtimes). This is becoming a point of conflict with his parents, and they are trying to negotiate their way through. Nathan is also struggling with wanting to be accepted by his peers and fearing being rejected as he slowly builds a new friendship group. Playing football has been helpful in Nathan forming new friendships quickly.
Despite being the only boy, Nathan has a close relationship with his sisters, and enjoys the protective big brother role.
Melanie (18 months) loves to cuddle with everyone, but finds Jane, Michael and Nathan the go to people when she is distressed. Melanie, is walking and has little two or three word conversations. Melanie has been an easy child, quickly establishing routines, unlike Millie who was a little slow to get into a routine. Both children are outgoing and happy to explore their world.
Write an essay on the case study you have been given. Identify the lifespan developmental stage of the Cameron family.
Please include: A discussion of the development tasks and health care concerns Whether the family are meeting their developmental tasks What are the Cameron’s resiliency factors (as a unit and individual members?) A discussion on the nursing practice implications.
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