NRS121 Professional Nursing: Foundations Of Communication


1. Define the concept of therapeutic communication and using at least two examples explain how and when a nurse might use this type of communication in the context of clinical nursing practice (250 words).  Marks 20
2. Analyse each of the situations provided below and discuss how you would use therapeutic communication to support  each of the following patients in a culturally safe and appropriate manner to provide specific patient-centred care: marks 30
a) An Indigenous 17-year-old female patient presenting to the emergency department with nausea, vomiting, low blood glucose level, having been newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus and has had multiple hospital admissions for hypoglycaemia within 8 months since diagnosis (250 words); 


b) A 36-year old man of Irish decent diagnosed with pancreatitis on the surgical ward seeking guidance with dietary changes and cessation of alcohol intake (250 words);


c) A 6-year-old boy of African descent presenting with his family to the paediatric ward with a productive cough, fever, loss of appetite, lack of energy, having been diagnosed with pneumonia, having no cough etiquette and is non-engaging with the health care staff. The family have recently migrated to Australia and have limited English. (250 words).
3. Outline at least three evidence-based strategies that can be applied by the Registered Nurse in order to improve therapeutic communication in the nursing practice.
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