NRS 433V Introduction To Nursing Research


Read the article: Social ecological factors and intimate partner violence in pregnancy by Bosena Tebeje Gashaw, Berit Schei, Jeanette H. Magnus2.
Answer the following question:
  1.    What was the research question? 
  1.   How was the sample selected? 
  1.   What does this impact the generalizability of the results? 
  1.   How large was the sample?  Do you think this sample was large enough?  Why, or why not? 
  1.    Did the procedure section go into enough detail for someone else to replicate well?  If so, why do you think so?  If not, why not? 
  1.   What could you do as a researcher, if the procedure section did not contain enough detail for you to replicate the study?
  1.    What statistics did the authors use to answer the question? 
  1.   Did the authors state explicitly whether the research question/hypothesis was rejected or not? 
  1.   Did they use a phrase like “the results confirmed our hypothesis” or something similar?  If so, what did they say? 
  1. Whichever manner the authors chose to state their results, what did the manner in which they chose to present the results say about the researchers?
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