NRS 433V Introduction To Nursing Research


Essay 1

Theory is an essential component of nursing as a scientific discipline. Please identify a nursing theory and discuss specific functions/applications of that theory in nursing relative to:
  • Practice
  • Education
  • Research

Essay 2

Nurse educators develop skills and competencies that build upon a foundation of graduate-level education. Nurse Educator competencies are continually developed through practical experience and ongoing professional education. The standards of professional performance expected of the nurse educator graduate include the eight core competencies outlined by the National League for Nursing (NLN, 2005): 
1) Facilitate learning.
2) Facilitate learner development and socialization.
3) Use assessment and evaluation strategies.
4) Participate in Curriculum design and evaluation of program outcomes.
5) Function as a change agent and leader.
6) Pursue continuous quality improvement in the nurse educator role.
7) Engage in scholarship and ,
8) Function within the educational environment (National League for Nursing.
The Scope of Practice for Academic Nurse Educators, 2005). Provide examples how you, as a newly graduated Nurse Educator, would embody each of these eight standards of performance.

Essay 3

You are a diabetic nurse educator, and you have been invited to conduct a guest lecture for 30 third-year nursing students. Since they already have a solid foundation in both pathophysiology and pharmacology related to diabetes, you have been asked to focus on the nursing care of the hospitalized diabetic patient. If you had ANY resources at your disposal during this two-hour period, detail how you would promote active learning and a student-centered environment. Explain the rationale for your teaching strategies, and why these strategies were selected in favor of other alternatives. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your selected teaching methods? What teaching-learning theory or philosophy underpins your selected teaching method(s)? How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching? How will you stimulate student engagement and motivation?
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