NR506 Healthcare Policy


1. Explaining the four spheres of political action in nursing.
2. Develop a brief argument sharing how these spheres are interconnected and overlapping by applying an example from your practice as Family Nurse Practitioner
3. What are some ethical considerations here?
the process and understanding policy development, analysis, and strategies
4. understanding healthcare policy concern :
(This is the link for the healthcare concern

Florida Passes New Telehealth Bill: Focus is Reimbursement …

  • Reimbursements

After several hard-fought years of unsuccessful attempts, the Florida Legislature on Friday passed a new bill designed to set the stage for telehealth comm

5. how healthcare policy impacts the profession of nursing

6. how the profession of nursing impacts healthcare policy.
7. Presents a basic framework for healthcare policywith an eye toward nursing’s unique position within this framework.
8. Political action on the part of nurse’s discussion
9. History of various nursing leaders and their contributions to healthcare policy
10. The role of ethics in shaping healthcare policy
11. How to use information to build a foundational knowledge base of healthcare policy to that will assist you to formulate your own policy priority.
12. Explore what is meant by the phrase “advocacy role”.

13. Explain how the advocacy role is different for the advance practice nurse.

14. Explain how advocacy occurs in all advance practice areas (i.e. family nurse practitioner education, informatics, executive, etc.).
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