NPU1101 Nursing Practice 1


Reflect on the social demographics of the local community  what kind of people are using the venue and how does this venue promotes health and wellbeing or assist people to maintain health.

Reflect on how this service provides for the community is the service equitable, does it cater for everyone, are there any people excluded from this service and why?

Does this venue focus on health prevention, health promotion or rescuing people who are in a crisis? Reflect on what you think about the way this venue provides for/interacts with/supports people.

Reflect on how does this service assist those with mental health issues, minorities, Aboriginal people, migrants and immigrants. If this service does not provide support for any people in the aforementioned groups then why not and what do you think about that?

Reflect on how this placement has prepared you for working as a nurse. For example:  did it help you with communication? Did it help you understand social demographics? What did you learn about yourself and the community whilst on placement?

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