NNS511 Nursing Science 1


Introduction: Patients and their families want us to listen to their needs and want their health care to be comprehensive, integrated and coordinated across all sectors of health service delivery (Richards, 2007; Bodenheimer, 2002). Expert patients have knowledge and experience; some are viewed as a ‘dream’ and others as a ‘nightmare’ (Shaw & Baker, 2004). Increasingly it is acknowledged that the patient voice must be heard, and the experience of living with long-term conditions understood, if care is to be appropriate and responsive to patient’s needs (Degeling, 2006; Sheridan et al., 2009). 

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for the student to demonstrate an understanding of: 

Person and whanau centred collaborative care and the challenges and advantages to the implementation of such an approach for people living with long- term conditions
The current journey through the health care system for a group with particular reference to their experience of a person centred collaborative care. 
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