NMIH106 Essentials Of Care A


Ms Marley is an 80 year old woman who was admitted to the Surgical Ward of her local hospital following a fall which resulted in a fractured Right Neck of Femur. She had this surgically repaired 4 days ago and is about to be transferred to a Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Unit with a plan to discharge her home in a week. She has a history of hypertension and osteoporosis and has a significant hearing deficit, requiring bi-lateral hearing aids, which she does not like wearing. She lives with her two dogs and is an enthusiastic volunteer for Meals on Wheels and the local Library. She has a daughter who lives locally.

She tells her story:

“I tripped and fell over one of my dogs as I was going to feed them, such a nuisance, my GP told me to be careful of falling because of my osteoporosis. I am very keen to get back home to my pets and garden though I do feel a bit worried about falling again now. I have had quite a bit of pain with this operation and today it is quite bad again. The nurses are worried about my wound as it is a bit red, I’m sure it will be alright. It’s hard to sleep in here – even with my hearing troubles it is very noisy! I’m feeling very tired but trying to do my best, I want to be able to get back to my busy life, I am very active and need to be able to drive and get around”.

Consider the AoL (activity of living)  “Communication”. Using  a person-centred approach discuss what you will need to assess and implement to ensure Ms. Marley is fully involved in her care (Consider her story above and her hearing deficit).. 

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