NFDN2003 Nursing Foundations III: Medical-Surgical Nursing



This assignment will give students the opportunity to examine the research and find evidenced based nursing practice that is related to current trends and issues in medical-surgical nursing. Students will apply that research in developing a nursing care plan that will help promote health for a medical-surgical client.

This assignment contains 3 parts completed in two components. First, you will write a scholarly paper on a procedure or trend/issue that impacts the health of a medical-surgical client. Second, you will then apply your scholarly paper findings/research to describe how the evidence best supports the change of nursing procedure/trend/issue and the impact of the change on the health outcomes of the client. Third, this evidence will then be applied in a nursing care plan for a theoretical medical-surgical client.

Part A:

  1. Select a topic from the list below or you may select a topic that interests you, but speak with your instructor first if you are choosing your own topic.
    1. Care and use of different types of chest tubes (e.g., wet/dry/Heimlich valves).
  1. Increasing incidents of a super infection (ESBL, BRE, and MRSA) in the acute care setting and how these can be avoided. Choose one super infection to focus on.
  2. Types and trends of post-operative infections in the acute care setting in Alberta.
  3. Clean vs sterile techniques for tracheostomy care, bladder irrigation, or intermittent catheterization.
  1. Preventing complications such as DVTs, respiratory complications, and skin breakdown in the immobilized acute care client (skeletal traction, external fixators, strict bed rest etc.). Choose one complication to focus on.
  2. Issues of early discharge of the post-operative client from the acute care setting.
  3. Research your topic of choice. Provide a brief description of the procedure or trend/issue. In your research include:
    1. Compare previous and current practice
  1. Include evidence based practice that promotes the health of the medical-surgical client in the hospital following their discharge home
  2. Identify teaching information that is important for the medical-surgical client that promotes health of the client specific to the chosen procedure/trend/issue.
  1. Part A needs to include the following:
  1. Typewritten and follows APA 6thEdition formatting guidelines
  2. Utilize headings (see marking guide for headings)
  3. Contains a title, introduction/conclusion, and body of the paper
  4. Support your findings with the literature (peer reviewed articles, journal, or textbooks)
  5. No more than 3 pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages)
  6. Reference page must include at least 3 current resources (within 7 years)

Part B:

  1. Create a care plan (template below) based on the evidence-based research from part A.
    1. Write 3 nursing diagnoses that relate to the topic that you have researched
      1. One addressing a priority (an actual problem from the research in part A)
      2. One addressing a potential complication
  • One addressing an educational need
  1. Write 1 goal for each nursing diagnosis, and1 expected outcome for each goal using the SMART criteria.
  2. Write 3 nursing interventions for each goal. Support each intervention with evidence from the literature
  3. Include interventions applicable to the care of the client, and health promotion teaching that is applicable to the acute-care setting or the home setting after discharge
  1. Interventions should be specific and measurable
  • Interventions must directly relate to achieving the goal and represent best practice in nursing from your research paper
  1. Write 1 evaluative statement for each goal to indicate how each goal could be met. This is a hypothetical statement and indicates how you, as the nurse, would know if the stated goal and outcome were achieved
  1. Part B will utilize the Care Plan template
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