NFDN1001 Application Of The Nursing Process


Students will be provided with an opportunity to apply the nursing process to a client. By developing a nursing care plan, the student will prioritize the needs of a patient based upon one of three scenarios. Following, a reflection on the process will be handed in. You will be assessed on how you apply your understanding of the following general learning outcomes:

  • Explain how the nursing metaparadigm, theories, principles, and concepts from nursing and other professional disciplines contribute to holistic nursing practice
  • Examine the nursing process as a critical-thinking method of organizing and delivering nursing care
  • Choose your scenario from the list below.
  • Analyze and apply the scenario to develop a care plan for your chosen scenario, following the provided steps. Use the template for Part 1 of this assignment.
  • A reference page must be included. A title page is not necessary.
Priority Diagnosis Identified
  1. Choose one of the diagnoses you have written as your priority.
  2. Describe why you chose this diagnosis including why this is a priority
  3. Discuss which metaparadigm concept is associated with the priority diagnosis
  4. Describe the implications of leaving this nursing diagnosis as a nonprioritized or untreated
  5. The expected length is about one paragraph.
  6. Literature support is required
  1. Write one outcome that relates to the priority diagnosis. The statement should be formatted as a goal using all SMART criteria.
  2. Refer to your textbook for information regarding SMART criteria.
  1. Identify three interventions to achieve your goal/expected outcomes that relate back to your nursing diagnosis and will lead to a successful outcome and resolution of your nursing diagnosis.
  2. You need to ensure your interventions are from a nurse’s perspective. For example: “The nurse will…” help the patient reach her chosen goal?
  3. The expected length is one paragraph for each intervention.


  1. Describe how you plan to determine whether expected outcome was achieved.
  2. Expected Length is about one paragraph.
This reflection is to be formatted to APA. A title page and reference page is required. Literature support is required throughout.
  1. Discuss why using the nursing process is important in the care of your client.
  2. Discuss the benefits of developing care plans in your future practice.
  3. Be sure to include an introduction and a conclusion.
  4. Use headings.
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