N4455 Nursing Leadership And Management


Each student will produce a plan for implementing a change project in nursing departments throughout the organization. You will begin by selecting one of the options provided in module one and propose a change to solve the problem. If you do not select one of the provided options you will not receive credit for this assignment. Then you will select one of the change theories you have studied that models how you want to implement the proposed change. You will conduct a SWOT analysis and develop a comprehensive action plan.

You will create a PowerPoint presentation of your plan with a “script” in the Notes section below each slide, as if you are presenting this to an audience. Your script must be in the Notes section that is below each slide within your PowerPoint presentation. See the Resource tab for examples. These will be your speaker notes as if you are presenting your PowerPoint to an audience. You MUST have a notes section for your slides. There will be a 50 point deduction if your notes are not below each slide. 

During and after your work, you will examine the types of communications, decision-making processes, and processes you use, and comment upon those in the last part of the “script.”

  1. Select and utilize a change theory model to implement the proposedchange 
  2. Analyzethe leadership roles and management skills necessary to implement a new 
  3. Identify your decision-making
  4. Demonstrate the elements of the change.

Sample Nursing Leadership and Management Question & Answer


THe nurse manager working at a rehabilitation center for older adults notices an increase in the incidence of client falls. The nurse manager reprimands the nurses and staff responsible for the falls and places them on probation. Which statement best describes the nurse managers leadership style?


Autocratic leadership

Explanation: An autocratic leader is one who takes all decisions and does not involve others.

Autocratic leadership: Characteristics

1. The leader has complete control

2. Employee initiative is not allowed.

3. Followers do not participate in decision-making or problem solving.

4. If perfection is not achieved, subordinates will be reprimanded.

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