MNG03217 The Positive Leader And Guide


1. Leading for sustaining an engaged workforce: Transformational, Authentic and Servant Leadership
2. Authentic leadership (Relationships, Ethics, Balanced processing and Self-Awareness) and why is it important
3. How do authentic leadership and psychological capital fit together?
4. The role of the supervisor and organisational support in building psychological capital, increasing employee outcomes (commitment and engagement) and increasing organisational effectiveness
5. Why is psychological capital important for employees (reducing stress, increased wellbeing), the organisation (increased employee performance, reduced turnover intentions), government (reduced workers compensation claims) and the community (reduced cost of stress-related illnesses)
6. How can you increase psychological capital in organisations?
7. Managing Effectively: Supervisor support, psychological capital and wellbeing of the employee
8. Linking psychological capital to better understanding the emotions of employees and clients/customers etc
9. Transformational/ Servant/Authentic Leadership in practice: Using constructive language and communication to stop the cycle of conflict in organisations
10. Leadership and Change: The role of analysis tools to measure the impact of change for intervention programs
11. Bringing individual and social support together in practice so as to sustain an engaged workforce.
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