MN603 Wireless Networks And Security


Assignment Description

The long-term evolution (LTE)/LTE-advanced (LTE-A) provides advanced services with higher bandwidths, better spectrum efficiency and lower latency compared to the legacy cellular networks. The LTE/LTE-A is an all IP-based architecture, which makes it vulnerable to new security threats. In order to evaluate the performance of LTE/LTE-A networks, an understanding of the architecture and security threats is essential.

For further reading, could refer to the article “LTE/LTE-A Network Security Data Collection and Analysis for Security Measurement: A Survey” [1]. The article is available on the IEEE Explore platform, which could be accessed via the Melbourne Institute of Technology Library.

The assessment requires the students to compare wireless communication technologies and evaluate the wireless communication standards for wireless cyber physical systems and internet of things. The students are required to submit a report, which includes:

  1. Comparison of the existing cellular networks generations in terms of:
  1. Communication spectrum
  2. modulation techniques
  3. medium access control mechanism
  4. Network speed and bandwidth utilization
  5. Security techniques and risk
  1. Explore the architecture of LTE/LTE-A
  1. Evaluate the LTE/LTE-A attacks on the access and core networks.
  1. Identify and analyse the attack with highest criticality, and explain the countermeasures taken to address such attack.
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