MKTG 204 Professional Selling


Task 1:

Detail the role (position) of a sales employee that you plan to assume for the role-plays.

Information Needed for the Report 

The company you have chosen to work for

The position in company:

Do you specialize in selling particular services or are you a generalist and sell many products?
What types of products and services would you sell in this position?
What type of licenses and/or education do you need to fill this position and/or to work for company?
What other type of experience, skills and expertise will you be expected to have? 

Task 2:

Detail the company you will be working for (an actual company).

Information Needed for the Report 

The profile of company:

The history—where is it located, number of employees and offices/branches?
What market area does it serve and product lines offered, or add anything else you think significant. What is happening in the industry at present? Is it shrinking, expanding, consolidating, or merging?
Who are the main and secondary competitors?
Think about who else offers the products and services you may end up selling in your role-play. 

Task 3:

Detail the client or a prospect you will be meeting with—you are making up a fictitious customer. 

Information Needed for the Report 

Who is the client? Give them a name. 

Profile the client fully and include pertinent demographic information such as: Age, marital status, occupation, income, number of children and ages, etc 

Why is the client meeting with you? 

Where are you meeting? At your office or their office?

If multiple prospects (i.e. husband and wife), which one is the key decision maker?
What additional information will you require from the client? 

Task 4:

Detail the problem you will be attempting to solve for the client and the product/service you will be attempting to sell to solve the problem.

Information Needed for the Report 

The problem: Which of your company’s product or services will you sell to solve the problem or fulfill the customer’s needs? Choose just one product or service for this role-play. The features of this product: 
Obtain this information by researching the company’s website – Features reflect the actual elements of the product or service. The benefits of this product: Think about how those features are going to positively impact the client’s life if they “buy” it. What information will you have on hand pertaining to the product/service?
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