Medicine Dispensing Homework Test

1) A pt weighing 144 lbs was prescribed 90,000 units of penicillin per kg of body weight. The concentration available is 1,000,000 units/5mL. How many mL will pt be administered?
A) 64.8mL
B) 5.9mL
C) 29.4 mL
D) 13.0 mL

2) The pharmacy has 190 mL of a pediatric elixir in stock. If doses 3/4 mL are administered, how many full doses are available in the stock elixir?
B) 254
C) 142
D) 253

3) A male pt takes 100mg of a drug at 9am and again at 9pm. The drug has a half life of 4 hours. How much of the drug remains in the pt body by 9 am the next day? A) 14.1 mg B) 16.6 C) 12.5 D) 25mg


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