Medication Adherence

Question 1: Find an article that have used one of medication adherence tools you have learned in this course and explain the following: (10 marks)

  1. How did they measure medication adherence?
  2. Critique the methodology (mainly the way they have used the tools), was it right? was it wrong? Could the study use better tools according to the sample size, population and data in general?
  3. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the tool they have used in the study?
  4. Think about new tool that we may use in the future to measure medication adherence and explain it in detail.

Hint: Original research is only acceptable; no literature review or systematic review is going to be graded.


Question 2: We have covered pharmacovigilance topic in our lecture, and we introduce the Saudi vigilance program called “ Tiaquz” ( QA – Tiaquz ( Page – Tiaquz ( find another system in different country used the same program for pharmacovigilance and talk about the following: (10 marks)

– Overall ‘s goals and program’s objectives?

– Where this system established?

– How the system is different than what we have in KSA?

– How likely we can implement this system in KSA and could be a good fit to replace the Saudi vigilance program?


Question 3: What is the process/initiatives FDA have been introduced to maintain medication safety and assure safe medication to be released to the public and after releasing the medication? Describe all the initiatives and suggest more if you have any? (5 marks)


Question 4: Use the study attached in this exam titled “Infectious complications in patients receiving ticagrelor or clopidogrel before coronary artery bypass grafting” and explain the methods they have used to minimize selection bias?

Talk about that method in detail, advantages and disadvantages?

Was what they did right?

What would you change if you want to repeat the same study to minimize any type of bias? (5 marks

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