MD3011 Introduction To Clinical Healthcare


Thesis Topic: Oral Cancer in Germany, Epidemiology, Its Economic Burden and Prevention

For this task follow given structre:

  • Different Oral Cancer Types
  • Epidemiology
  • Main Methodologies
  • Main Drivers Causing Cancer
  • Screening Methods
  • Dental Background Including Knowledge about Oral Cancer
  • Oral Cancer Calculation Criteria
  • Statistics
  • Recent statistics of Oral Cancer in Germany
  • Oral Cancer Ratio in Male and Female
  • Oral Cancer Calculations – According to Male and Female Ratio
  • Link of Oral Cancer with Alcohol and Smoking
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma Prevalence in Germany, Epidemiological Causative Factors
  • Economic Burden Tool
  • Calculate Burden of Disease with Tools
  • Treatment Regimens
  • Vaccination according to Public Point of View
  • Epidemiology of Drinking and Smoking
  • Prevalence
  • Discussion
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