Joint Commission standard(s) Review

Your hospital organization wants to do a comprehensive review to assess their standing with a Joint Commission standard(s) and determine ways to meet it/them.  The hospital administration has appointed you as a Managing Director and has summoned you to develop a team to complete this task.  You will need to recruit the remainder of the team and devise a plan on how to assess the Joint Commission standard(s) of your choosing.

Using the Joint Commission Comprehensive Accreditation Manual (that you can access using course reserves), find the table of contents listing the accreditation requirements.  Review the list of accreditation requirements in the table of contents and select one chapter for your “team” to work on. (Do not select Accreditation Participation Requirements (APR) or Waived Testing (WT)).  Review the standard(s) and 10 or more “elements of performance” for the chapter that you have selected and provide the following:

  1. In a written document, explain the standard(s) and 10 or more corresponding elements of performance.
  2. Enumerate each team member you will be hiring (use a functional title that’s suitable for the element(s) they will be responsible for)
  3. Under each team member, specify what element(s) they will be assessing. What do you expect them to report in their assessment of the element(s)?
  4. Once you receive the reports from your team, how do you plan on rectifying deficiencies to help the hospital meet the Joint Commission’s standards?

You will have an extra week to work on this. It will be worth 25 points

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