HSYP805 Disease Prevention And Health Promotion


Your evaluation and sustainability plan should include the following parts:
a) Include an overview of your program (based on your health promotion campaign you developed in AT2);
b) Describe and justify the purpose of the evaluation, and identify the audience for the evaluation;
c) Develop a program logic model. You can use the same aims, objectives and outcomes from your AT2, however, you might consider improving your aims and objectives based on the feedback you received in AT2:
d) Develop evaluation plan (process, impact and outcome) that includes the following:
a. Evaluation questions, see example provided below:
b. Evaluation design and data sources;
c. Potential risks;
d. Resources and roles;
e. Governance.
e) Create a simple ‘gantt’ chart showing the development, implementation and evaluation timeframes, see example:
f) Describe how you will report, disseminate and use evaluation findings;
g) Describe your program sustainability plan.
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