HP850 Promoting MentalHealth And Well Being


1.Mental status examination (MSE)-






Thought form:

Thought content: 


Cognition: memory (short term & long term), concentration, orientation to time place & person:



Risk (need to identify 4 risks related to the client interviewed in the video trigger)

Identify 4 risks.

2. Nursing care planning-

You are also required to complete a care a nursing care plan for the video client addressing the highest priorities problem/ need (one problem) as identified by you as follows:

  • Need/ priority problem
  • Explain why the nominated need/problem is of a high priority to your client?
  • Goal (what you would hope to achieve as a result of your interventions)?
  • Three (3) nursing interventions/strategies to support the client in meeting his/her goal, with a rationale for each intervention

3. The therapeutic use of the self & therapeutic communication (critique of the interview)-

You are required to provide a comprehensive written feedback (a critique) of the nurse’s interaction with the client, identifying four (4) positive and two (2) negative elements of this interaction. Please provide feedback on the process of the interactions between the nurse and the client (example: The nurse used silence appropriately while waiting for the client to respond).

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