HNN750 Inquiry Into Specialty Nursing Practice


The aim of the assessment item is to provide students with an opportunity to analyse their practice and develop a personal practice model of care relevant to their speciality area of practice. This model can be based on concepts and ideas from both professional nursing practice and health care delivery models of care.

Task Description:

1) Reflect on and describe a series of incidents, events or a day in their professional life.
2)From this practice description, discuss what knowledge they have derived from each of the five (5) ways of knowing.
3)Critically analyse their practice description and identify emerging themes and patterns.
4)Construct a beginning conceptual framework of the emerging themes/patterns.
5)Using evidence from the literature and narratives from their practice description, discuss each concept and their relationships.
6)Compare their personal practice model with one (1) other developed practice model relevant to their specialty practice area.
7) Discuss the opportunities and challenges that would be involved in implementing their personal practice model.
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