HNN215 Quality Use Of Medicines


Can I ask very specific questions about the case study on CloudDeakin?

Are we allowed to use abbreviations, for example, NSAIDs?

In Question 1a, can we identify and explain any 2 risks?

SIGNIFICANT risks in total are required; it could be 2 risks, 2 drug interactions or adverse effects or any combination – it does not matter. The most important part of this question is to ensure whatever is chosen, they must be SIGNIFICANT.

Some aspects to consider when addressing this question are:

• What is the mechanism of each risk?
• Why is the risk significant?
• Are there any contributing factors/effects? (i.e. other aspects that compound the risk)
• Ensure you relate the risk to the patient

In Question 1b, do we set out strategies for each risk or do we generally discuss numerous strategies to cover these types of risks?

How do you reference the AMH?
It is tricky to know how to reference the online AMH- is it a data base, dictionary or an ebook for starters?

How do you reference the therapeutic guidelines (eTG), which is available online?

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