HNB3219 Perioperative Nursing


Details of the task 

The topics below related to the perioperative specialty area. Students should extensively research their chosen topic to ensure they form a well considered discussion that explores all facets required.

Students should extensively research their chosen topic and appropriately select at a minimum six (6) peer reviewed journal articles to ensure they form a well considered discussion that explores all facets required. Students are able to draw further on research alongside their selected articles to ensure they critically analyse their topic.

Topics include:

Infection Control

Students are required to critically analyse and discuss their chosen topic in relation to patient safety and risk management in the perioperative setting, outlining the nurses role in ensuring safe and effective practices are adhered to in this specialty clinical area. 

This is an essay. It is expected that it will be presented in an academic essay format, which includes an introduction, body and a conclusion. It should be written in the third person.

 essay needs to be referenced using APA 6th edition with in-text citations, and also provide DOI .

The assessor will examine the assignment by assessing whether the student has addressed the question directly, engaged in critical discussion of the issues that have been well supported by the relevant literature, and whether the student has organised and presented the essay in a suitable format.

Your assignment must be well written and presented: double space, 1.5 inch margin size, Arial or Times New Roman; font size-12 with page numbers.

Please note that the reference list are not included in the word count


Evidence is required from a range of relevant and quality sources to support your discussion. You may include evidence from both international and Australian literature. Resources published within the last 5-7 years will provide accurate and current evidence based practice.

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