HNB3141 Nursing And Complex Care


Part 1: Students are required to formulate a plan of care based on one of the case scenario patients provided.template will be provided. Students will be expected to consider a given shift (period of care) and total patient care for the case scenario patient during that time period. The assessment will contribute to student learning as follows:

Identification of actual and potential patient oriented problems.

Determining patient centred outcomes and goals of care.
Students will be given opportunities during class to work with the scenarios and consider their Nursing care plans with completing assessment Complex patient plan of care.

Part 2: Students are asked to review the patient care plan developed for part 1, and select two of the identified patient problems. For these two problems students are to provide an evidence based plan of care. Students will be asked to utilise relevant literature from a variety of sources, including up to date guidelines, policies and procedures to inform and rationalise the completed care plan with expected patient outcomes. Reference must be included to the underlying pathophysiology to further justify the care to be implemented. This assessment will
assist students to utilise critical thinking skills and plan in detail patient care with complex medical/surgical needs.

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