HNB3141 Nursing And Complex Care



The aim of this assignment is for you to demonstrate an understanding of critical reflection as a means of self-evaluation to support personal and professional growth as a clinical teacher.

Task Description:

For this task you are required to write an.  In your essay you need to:

  1. Apply the Gibbs Reflective Cycleto reflect on a time when you facilitated a clinical teaching activity for peers, students, patients or others in the working environment.
  2. Provide recommendationsfor practice and professional development

Task Instructions:

  1. You should provide a brief introduction outlining the clinical teaching experience you are using as a basis for this reflection.
  2. Then you should use the following stages of Gibbs’ reflective cycle to discuss this experience:

Description- Describe what happened.

Feelings – Analyse your thoughts and feelings during and after the experience. Relate these to relevant literature.

Evaluation – What were the positive and negative outcomes in the situation?

Analysis – Highlight the factors involved in the situation

Conclusion – Discuss what else you and/or others could have done

Action Plan – Discuss what would you do if the situation arose again

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