HLTWHS006 Manage Personal Stressors In The Work Environment


  1. Identify potential stressors in the workplace
  1. How does the body respond to stress physiologically?
  1. How does the body respond to stress psychologically?
  1. Identify potential long-term effects of stress on health
  1. Discuss the strategies/services available in health that can help the nurse manage stress
  1. Provide a brief outline of self-care techniques including:
  1. Impact of exercise, diet and nutrition
  2. Work life balance strategies
  3. Complementary and alternative health options
  1. Describe three (3) stressors that may result in grief or loss.
  1. Identify the potential sources of stress form the following situations, and briefly discuss how you would manage your stress in the situations identified:
  1. complex medical situation
  2. stressful working conditions/incident
  1. Describe how you would manage a situation where a staff member is “behaving badly” toward you.
  1. Review the workplace rights according to the Fair Work Act. Identify what is considered unlawful for a worker under the Fair Work Act.
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