HLTH 3611 Professional Growth


Review the section on “Ethical Analysis and Nursing” in your Fundamentals of Nursing text and the steps the nurse takes to analyze an ethical dilemma. Think about a situation in which you experienced an ethical dilemma in your past nursing practice and, using the seven steps presented, describe the situation. Once you have completed the seven steps, reflect on your refreshed and new learning from this chapter and re-visit the situation you described above and consider if 1) you would do anything differently if you were now in this situation or if you would carry out the same decisions without any change. Include a rationale for your decision. Compose your example and reflection in your personal notebook in preparation for posting it as part of Assignment 1.

Post your summary to the Seminar 3: Ethical Values and Theories forum. Respond to the postings of one or two of your classmates.
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