HLTENN013 Implement And Monitor Care Of The Older Person


At time of report, she is having a shower with the night Personal carer as she was up and at the nurses’ station requesting to go to the shops. She was quite upset this morning stating that she was looking for her sister. Staff offered reassurance and redirection. 
Part A
Medical diagnosis using the information you have been provided with describe the persons past medical history. Include the impact that this past medical history may/will have on the person.
Theory of ageing using the information you have been provided with and by doing further research determine which theory of ageing you believe is most appropriate for this person. Provide justification for your response.
Physiology of ageing using the information you have been provided with, explain the physiology of ageing and how it relates to this person’s disease process
Primary health services identify which primary health services you believe would be appropriate for this person. Justify your response. You must identify at least two (2) primary health services that are appropriate for this person.
Strategies and Interventions for dementia/challenging behaviours – describe at least four (4) strategies or interventions that you may be able to utilised to assist you to care for an individual with dementia. Ensure that you have linked this back to the person in the case study (what behaviours have you identified in the case study that would need to be managed?). Include communication strategies in your answer.
Oral hygiene using the information you have been provided with, identify why this person may be at risk for not having their oral hygiene needs met. What strategies could be implemented to ensure that this person’s oral hygiene needs are met?
Pain – using the information you have been provided with, identify how you would determine if this person 
was in pain. What may cause this person pain? How would you manage this person’s pain?
Part B – Nursing care plan, based on the clinical reasoning cycle
Look, collect, process, decide, plan, act, evaluate and reflect.
Your nursing care plan must include:
A) Two (2) actual problems/issues 
B) Two (2) potential problems/issues
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