HLTENN009 Implement And Monitor Care For A Person With Mental Health Conditions


Question 1.

A psychological aspect related to patients who have schizophrenia includes irrational thoughts, delusions, or even hallucination (Meehl, 2017).

Question 2.

Cognitive aspect of Schizophrenia includes a problem with concentration, as well as memories (Meehl, 2017).

Question 3.

Management of behaviors in patients with Schizophrenia should include a patient-centered technique such as modifying the social environment where a patient lives through altering with attitudes, level of stress as well as improving the coping ability of patients through counseling (Meehl, 2017).

Question 4.

Some of the behaviors associated with Schizophrenia include unhealthy social relation in the workplace as well as a hallucination. Poor relationship with others can sometimes hinder the aspect of teamwork in an organization.

Question 5.

National framework for recovery-oriented mental services: Ideally, the guiding principle for this framework is to make sure that there are new policies as well as directions that are aimed at enhancing and improving the mental well-being of a patient who has Schizophrenia in Australia (Meehl, 2017). The framework as well highly emphasized on social understanding as well as consistency in the recovery process.  

The principle of recovery-oriented practice: Recognizes that each person is considered as an expert in their individual life and, therefore, the recovery process encompasses working in partnership with other people as well as their carers to provide the necessary support in a manner that makes sense to them.

Evidence based practice in Schizophrenia care: Schizophrenia evidence based practiced affirms the recommendation to define better the overall quality care that is intended for the available professional care providers working with Schizophrenia individuals as well as their families.

Question 6.

The overall consumer’s perspective is the availability of a facility that would cater to various needs of individuals with Schizophrenia. However, research suggests that carers think that they are excluded in some way regarding Schizophrenia care in hospitals.

Question 7.

Some of the effect of stigma about Schizophrenia includes damaging social relationship as well as social participation, reduces a person’s self-esteem, and leads to abuse of human rights.

Question 8.

Some of the discrimination that patients with Schizophrenia often undergo includes coercion to restrain them physically and medically, segregation, and avoidance (Meehl, 2017). Various patients with dementia find themselves isolated from the rest of society while some of them are restrained from necessary medications.

Question 9.

Objective: To ensure that patients with Schizophrenia receive quality care as part of a recovery system

Involuntary admission: States that any particular individual that seem dangerous to him or rather those that are around him or she is admitted involuntarily to a mental health organization. This is found under the Psychiatric Hospitals (Committals) Act (BOPZ) (Meehl, 2017).

Seclusion and restrain: The legislation under this term indicates that a person who has mental illness mainly Schizophrenia should not be secluded for the rest of society.

Question 10.

  • To enhance a patient’s communication skills suffering from Schizophrenia, one is required to use soothing music and involvement technique.
  • One is expected to identify various triggers of Schizophrenia and make sure a patient undergoes a recovery process
  • Patients suffering from Schizophrenia should be supported by both family members as well as medical practitioners to ease their recover. This includes involving them in community activities without secluding them.

Question 11.

Some strategies of managing oral health issues in Schizophrenia patients include frequent tooth-brushing, flossing as well as working with the dentist to maintain oral health (Meehl, 2017).

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