HLTENN009 Implement And Monitor Care For A Person With Mental Health Conditions 2


Students are required to answer questions related to caring for clients with mental health conditions.

Assessment Title – Simulated clinical placement with short answer questions

Task  – Simulated Mental Health client care setting

Identify a client that meets the criteria for a Mental Health Related Illness from either your Simulated Mental Health client care setting or the workplace and answer the questions as applicable to your selected Case-Scenario or your client.

  1. Identify Psychological aspects relevant to Mental health:
  2. Identify Cognitive aspects relevant to Mental Health
  3. Identify how the staff will manage challenging behaviours including recognising triggers and deflecting them, using active listening and observation skills, ensuring effective communication and seeking expert assistance
  4. Describe common behaviours associated with the relevant mental health conditions, and the effect of behaviours on the person and others:
  5. Discuss the principles of recovery in the mental health context:

    Inational framework for recovery-orientated mental health services (Australian Government):
    principles of recovery-oriented practice
    evidence-based practice in the context of recovery

  6. Describe the consumer and carer perspectives relevant and specific to Mental Health care:
  7. Highlight the effects of stigma attached to the Mental Health condition:
  8. Elaborate on the associated discrimination the client may be subjected to due to the Mental Health condition:
  9. Identify the key features of the mental health legislation pertaining to your selected client with Mental Health condition:


Key features of legislation



Involuntary Admission


Consumer Rights


Involuntary Review Processes


Seclusion And Restraint


Admission Procedures


Community Treatment Orders


Role Of The Mental Health Practitioner







10.  Elaborate on the appropriate response to a person in distress or crisis including:

  • applying appropriate communication skills with the person
  • identifying possible causal factors and addressing where possible
  • enlisting support and assistance

11. Identify strategies for managing oral health issues and possible causes such as the side effects of medication, poor nutrition and reduced motivation for self-care.

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