HLTEN511B Provide Nursing Care For Clients Requiring Palliative Care


Indicate what reflects quality practice in palliative care in each situation in regards to oral communication skills, written communication skills and interpersonal skills
State the effects of life-limiting illnesses on Mrs.Camillero activities of daily living
Explain the basic information about the pain relief medication and its use to Mrs Camillero, Rose and Caro
Enumerate some of the relevant resources available for bereavement support.
Based on the above scenario explain the diverse cultural, religious and spiritual factors underpinning client choices at end of life.
Name some of the State and Territory legislation on advanced care planning and advanced care directives.
Nurses are governed by a Code of Ethics: a code with four principles. Consider each of these principles and explain how you will provide care to Mrs Camillero based on these code of ethics.
Mrs.Camillero’s daughter Rose would like to know about the social and community support systems available. What is available to her?
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