HLTEN401B Work In The Nursing Profession


1. You on a community visit for a regular client. On completion of your visit the Client gives you $300 cash for all your troubles and tells you to put in your pocket and buy something special.

Please provide process through which a person can examine and reflect on all the aspects of this ethical dilemma. Include in your answer a discussion on the key ethical principles such as Integrity and veracity.  You will also need to refer to your codes of professional conduct and standards of practice and code of ethics.

2. Describe what you understand by the phrase “nursing theorists”

3. Revisit the ANMC Competencies for Enrolled Nurses. Examine these competencies and discuss the different roles of the EN:

This activity is to gain a clear perspective on how the two professionals practice. Answer each question below.  This may be formatted using an interview style answer or table.

a. How do you define your role as an Enrolled Nurse?
b. How is your role different to that of an RN?
c. What aspects of the two roles are the same?
4. How can Patients access health information to improve their health outcomes?
5. Describe your understanding of the role and function of professional and industrial bodies relevant to Enrolled Nurse Practice. Describe the function of each organisation. Write the organisations on the list below list and indicate whether they are professional or industrial bodies?
ANMC   Australian Nursing Midwifery Council
AHPRA  Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
JBI         Joanne Briggs Institute  
ACHS    Australian Council on Healthcare Standards
QNU     Queensland Nurses U
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