HLT54115 Nursing


Part A:  

• Identify Your learning needs Being able to assess your own learning needs and identify ways to develop new knowledge and practice is integral to your role as a registered nurse. You are required to review the NMBA Code of Conduct and Standards for Practice and consider (2) learning areas that are essential to your current learning needs. In your brief discussion you are required to identify why you have chosen the two learning needs and the principle/standard that each relates to. You must reference that relevant Code and/or Standard. 

Part B:

• Develop a learning plan A learning plan template has been provided for you as a guide to the documentation requirements. Please complete a learning plan for the two (2) learning needs you identified in your reflection. 

• Participate in appropriate learning opportunities Throughout this semester you will be required to participate in activities that will help develop your two (2) learning needs. You MUST provide evidence of the activities undertaken and attach this evidence as appendices to your portfolio. You are required to document these activities within your learning plan template. A list of possible activities will be found on the Moodle page. 
• Evaluate the process  At the near completion of the session, you are required to complete a written reflection for each learning need that you identified in Part A. In your reflection you need to identify what value the activities that you participated in had on addressing your learning needs.
• What aspects do you feel you have not pursued sufficiently within the confines of this session and what further actions do you need to take to further extend your learning? You should identify some actual strategies that you will use to further your learning into your first year of practice as a registered nurse. 
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