HLT54115 Nursing


1. List five chronic aged related health problems. Explain the impact of multiple diagnosis in iden*ingand prioritising care of older clients in health care settings.
2. Discuss the importance of oral hygiene for a partial or fully edentulous cbents. Explain the care of soft tissues, dentures and dental prosthetics. 

3. What are the external factors and common stereotypes associated with aging and how does it adversely impact the older person? 

4. List the roles and responsibilities of an EN while providing care for a deceased person. 

5. List five functional assessment tools for assessing older clients. 

6. List the limitations and legal ramifications of the following restraints: Restraints Limitations

Ramifications Limitations
Legal ramifications
1. Physical Restraint
2. Chemical Restraint
3. Psychological restraint

7. List few legal and ethical issues associated while caring older clients with the list of considerations to address such issues. 

8. Briefly discuss about Aged care Act and Carers recognition 1997 act. Include mandatory reporting laws. 

9. Briefly discuss AC Fl and ResCare QA with its role in residential aged care. 

10. List some physical triggers of aggression and challenging behaviours among older clients in aged care. Describe how an EN can use techniques of distraction and behaviour modification to address and manage such behaviours. 

11. Explain in your own words the following theories of ageing:
a. Biological Theory
b. Psychological Theory
c. Disengagement Theory
d. Social Exchange Theory
e. Wear and tear Theory
f. Activity Theory 

12. Discuss the normal physiology of ageing process and its relation to the disease process with respect to each of the following systems.
a. Sensory
b. Cardiac
c. Neurological
d. Mu sculoskeletal 
e. Genitourinary
f. Endocrine 
g. Integumentary 
h. Cancer disorders 

13. As an EN, how do you provide support and comfort for th e grieving family practice?

14. Statement A: An Enrolled nurse should considerown values, attitudes and beliefs towards ageing while caring for the olderperson.
Statement B: An Enrolled nurse should monitor own performance to ensure all interventions are conducted appropriately and within scope of practice of the enrolled nurse.
a. Statement A is correct and Statement B is incorrect
b. Statement B is correct and Statement A is incorrect
c. Both are correct
d. Both arc incorrect
15. What is complementary therapy? Give 2 examples of complementary therapies in nursing practice.
16. Briefly outline the Code of ethics for nurses in Australia and the code of professional conduct for nurses (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia)
17. Describe the Aged Care risk classification system .
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