HLT54115 Nursing


Define the term wounddehiscence,
Discuss the physiological and biochemical processes associated with normal wound healing when assessing Sarah’s wound.
Complete a holistic assessment for Sarah. Using the assessment, then identify 5 factors which can effect optimal wound healing. From your assessment identify a minimum of 2 psychosocial impacts Sarah’s wound on her activities of daily
Discuss Sarah’s comfort and pain management. Discuss how would this be documented in her notes?
Describe the strategies that could be used to minimise cross infection and prevent the spread of disease and reduce further complications. Outline the information you would give to Sarah about how she can minimise the risk of
List at least 4 members of the Interdisciplinary team who might be involved in care strategies for the wound healing for Sarah. For each member, discuss their
Discuss your interventions, which wound management products and techniques appropriate to the identified phase of wound healing and state a rationale for your answer (include cost effective and current evidence basedpractice)?
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